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Principal's Corner

February's Principal's Corner

February, 2017

“Are you teaching your child how to solve problems?”

Children need to know how to solve problems for themselves. Use the questions below as a guide to find out if you are helping your child develop problem-solving skills:

1.    Do you try to teach your child that problems always offer opportunities for solutions?

2.    Do you look for low-tech toys for your child to play with? The best toys let children invent how to use them.

3.    Do you encourage your child to learn more about topics he/she is interested in? Kids often ask the best questions---and then try to find their answers---in subjects they like.

4.    Do you encourage your child to brainstorm his/her own solutions. “How could you fix that problem?”

5.    Do you let your child try the solution he/she selects if it is reasonable? Even if it doesn’t work, he/she will still learn something.

How well are you doing? Each yes means you are helping your child solve problems on his/her own. For no answers, give those ideas a try.


~Selina Hall