Library We are excited about our snow days below are some fun winter activities!


Snow day activities

1) Go to and choose Strega Nona or Chester’s Way and have a story read to you!

2) Gather a bowl of snow. Put different colors of food coloring in small bowls. Use a paint brush to let children explore painting the snow with food coloring . Be careful not to stain your clothes and have fun!

3) Have children make their own butter by putting heavy cream in a jar and let them shake it. 

4) Make oobleck! Use 1 cup water and 1 1/2 to 2 cups corn starch and food coloring to color. Mix.

5) Change how an egg floats or sinks by putting and egg in a glass of water and add salt to change how the egg floats.





I love books! I have been a librarian at Chickasaw for 20 years. I love my job. I received my undergraduate and my Master's Degree from University of Memphis. I have two children. Thank you for all the help and encouragement that you give your children in teaching the love of reading.

We are excited about the 2020/2021 year!

Our Mission:

The mission of the Chickasaw Elementary School Media Center is to provide an innovative learning environment that encourages students and faculty to become effective users of information in the 21st Century while promoting skills necessary for lifelong reading and learning.

The Library will not be checking out books to students at this time. Students will have book bags in their classroom. We have ebooks available to students. Lightbox login is below.

Library Rules:

Library Rules are the same as school and classroom rules, adding, respect for library materials.

Circulation policy:

Currently students will check out books from their classroom library.


We do not charge for overdue books, but for lost and damaged books.

We see classes each day Monday- Friday by schedule. We have open check out each  morning from 7:15-8;00.




We miss our students who are out, and hope all of you are doing well. We look forward to seeing you again.


PARENTS and STUDENTS,  Lightbox is a great program to use, to have reading materials while we are out for the Coronavirus.  We miss seeing the students and hope all in your family are well.


Follett Lightbox is a new ebook program available at home and school.


Choose below.

Choose Mississippi in the pull down menu.

type in Chickasaw as your school.

Student will click on login.

They will type in their student number as their user name and the password is their first name.

They can choose a LIGHTBOX title and click open.

To view and read ebooks visit:

EBook Program that is available due to school closure, department of education.    

to login:

first line school name: Mississippi distance learning primary

username: mde20201

password: mde20201

Magnolia is a great tool for research see link below


How to choose "just right books"--

1. Look at the cover.

2. Read the title and the author.

3. Read the blurb in the back.

4. Flip through the book.

5. Read the first page.

6. Use the 5 Finger Rule.

      0-1 fingers -Too easy

      2-3 fingers -just right

      4-5 fingers- Too Hard