Hannah Dunlap

Teacher: Hannah Dunlap 


Subject: Music


Phone: 662.895.664

Use Quaver Music for music class at home!

Hello, Champions!

At Chickasaw, we are very fortunate to have a subscription to the online music curriculum, QuaverMusic. Every one of our students has access to all of the resources Quaver offers through their own online account!

Though we do not know for sure how long our on-campus classes will be postponed, we can use this "extended spring break" as an opportunity to explore all that Quaver has to offer!!

*I would recommend using a desktop computer or laptop to access Quaver. While you can log in on a mobile device, you are limited to only a few of Quaver's awesome resources.*

To log into your student account:

1. Go to and click on the green "LOG IN" tab in the top right corner.

2. Log in using your 7-digit MSIS/lunch number as both the QuaverName and the password.

3. Click on the option "With Flash." You may have to download Adobe Flash or enable it as a pop-up to gain access.

  • While you can use Quaver without Adobe Flash, I would HIGHLY recommend using it in order to have access to all of Quaver's incredible resources!

What to do during your first Quaver visit:

1. Customize your avatar! (*This can only be done while using Quaver with Adobe Flash.)

  • On QuaverStreet, you should see a gray character standing in the middle of the screen. Click on him!
  • In order to customize your avatar, you have to have some QuaverNotes in your account. These function as money for your avatar!
  • Click on the purple "MY ACCOUNT" tab. Click the option to "ENTER QUAVERCODE."
  • Quaver has given us TWO (2) different QuaverNotes codes, this month! They are: musicmadness20 and MusicAtHome. Make sure you use the correct captialization!
  • Once you enter the codes, you should have 300 QuaverNotes to use in the QuaverStore to customize your avatar!
  • Go back to your music room by clicking on the green "HOME" tab.
  • Click "Change My Avatar" to make changes. Let's see how cRaZy you can make your avatar look!!

2. Play some games! (*This can only be done while using Quaver with Adobe Flash.)

  • Go to the Music Room (click on the words "Music Room" on the upper left side of your screen on Quaver Street.)
  • Click on the arcade game on the left side of the screen.
  • Choose one of the 6 games available. 
  • Click "HELP" on the game menu and follow the instructions for how to play the game. See if you can win a trophy for your trophy case!

3. Paint your own composition using "Song Brush" in the Quaver Music Shop!

  • Without Flash: Click on "Creatives," then click on "Song Brush" in the bottom right corner of the menu.
  • With Flash: While on Quaver Street, click on the door to the right of your avatar that says "Kids enter here!" Click on the brown easel and the bottom right corner of your screen. When you hover over it, it should say "Song Brush."
  • Create your own song by using the tools to "paint" music onto the staff.
  • Click on the small blue triangle to listen to your song!

Check back, here, each week to learn about assignments and other fun ways to use Quaver Music during our time apart. I cannot wait to see you all in class, again!

- Mrs. Dunlap<3