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Mrs. Rebecca Dix 
School Counselor




My name is Rebecca Dix, and I am so excited & grateful to be serving as the School Counselor at Chickasaw Elementary. I am originally from Sevierville, TN; if you don’t know where that is, think “Dolly Parton” or Gatlinburg area. I attained my Bachelor's degree in Child and Family Studies from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga; I continued my education in Chattanooga and graduated with my Master's in Education: School CounselingOn December 28, 2019 I married my better half of 6 years and moved to Cordova, TN 

As a counselor, I tend to practice through the lens of Solution-Focused brief therapy. I have found that this form of counseling is much more conducive to positive change within the fast paced, school environment and it creates a lot of impact with students. In order to make progress quickly, we focus on our strengths, what is in our control vs not, "the miracle question," and scaling questions. My priority is to make a difference and fast because they are here to learn, and getting them back into the classroom with new tools in their belt is my goal. I like to focus on autonomy and the power they have to create change on their own.   

On a more personal note, I want to explain my “why.” Why become a counselor? Well, I have always adored children, but that’s not always enough to fuel what it takes to do this work. About 4 years ago, my mother disclosed all the details of her adoption story and process in how it happened and why. After hearing her story and recognizing the lack of advocacy from some and the dedication to advocacy from others, I knew I wanted to be that source of true support and care to kiddos one day. It was one adult who spoke up for my mother that saved her life, and this is why I am here today. It is my turn to do my part as an advocate for the students at Chickasaw Elementary

 I thank you all for entrusting me and everyone here at Chickasaw Elementary with the biggest piece of your hearts...your kids.


Kind Regards,

Rebecca Dix


Favorite TV Shows: Anything HGTV, Friends, & New Girl

Favorite Hobbies: Baking, Cleaning, and Shopping 


Favorite Colors- Purple and Blue 

Favorite Seasons- Spring and Fall

Favorite Food- Chick Fil A

Favorite Drinks- Diet Dr. Pepper and Cream with my Coffee

Favorite Sport- Dance and Cheerleading 

Favorite Animal-Anything with Fur


 “See the light in each other. Be the light for each other.” Anonymous


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