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Hall, Selina Principal
Phillips, Marche' Assistant Principal

Casey, Brenda 3rd Grade Language Arts & SS
Clayton, Courtney 2nd Grade Special Education
Cooper, Kimberly Spotlight
Darden, Erin 2nd Grade
Dunlap, Hannah Music
Faucher, Jo Spotlight
Frey, Ginny 2nd Grade Special Education
Gilbreath, Courtney 3rd Grade Math & Science
Grant, Mildred 3rd Grade Math & Science
Hague, Sybil 3rd Grade Inclusion
Hillerman, Brandy 2nd Grade
Hockman, Kristin 2nd Grade Language Arts
Janes, Ed.S., Sylenda 2nd Grade
Jordan, Megan 2nd Grade Inclusion
Kraft, Amy 3rd Grade Math & Science
Lawrence, Ashley 2nd Grade Language Arts
Lovett, Anna 3rd Grade Language Arts & SS
Lyons, Sara Speech Pathologist
Marston, Kristy 2nd Grade
Moore, Jessica 3rd Grade Math & Science
Nichols, Courtney 3rd Grade Language Arts & SS
Nichols, Marianne 3rd Grade Language Arts & SS
Nipp, Sonya EL Teacher
Parr, Alicia 2nd Grade Inclusion
Patterson, Bethany 2nd Grade
Scanlon, Heather Interventionist and STC
Sharp, Dawn Physical Education
Smith, Tracy EL Teacher
Sneed, Jentri 2nd Grade
Stephens, Gretta 3rd Grade Language Arts & SS
Sullivan, Deidre 2nd Grade
Terrell, Jennifer 3rd Grade Inclusion
Weaver, Dionne 2nd Grade
Wilson, Carol 3rd Grade Math & Science

Anderson, Amanda Instructional Asst.
Brooks, Deronda Instructional Asst.
Brown, Karen Instructional Asst.
Cranford, Sadie Instructional Asst.
Cummings, Michelle Classroom Tech Coach
Fetters, Paige Counselor
Garrison, Vicki Instructional Assistant
Gillum, Mia Instructional Asst.
Guest, Mary MSIS/ADA Clerk
Hassell, Joy Librarian
Hayes, Donna Instructional Asst.
Holland, Amber Instructional Asst.
Hood, Nikki Instructional Asst.
House, Racheal Instructional Asst.
Howard, Amanda Instructional Asst.
Hughes, Angela Cafeteria Mgr.
Jeffries, Lekisha Instructional Asst.
Kulas, Vera Computer Asst.
MacMillan, Ginger Instructional Asst.
Perry, Michelle Speech Language Pathologist
Saldo, Samantha Instructional Asst.
Spencer, Jodi Instructional Asst.
Stateson, Brandi Instructional Asst.
Tomsick, Rosalyn Instructional Asst.
Walls, Christian Maintenance Mgr.
White, Stephanie Bookkeeper
Wright, Nikki Instructional Asst.