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Due Date: 8/10/2018



Dear Parent(s),

      We have gotten off to a GREAT start!! We are working hard and learning new things! PLEASE locate my and Mrs. Stephens' private Facebook group so you can get a glimpse of your kiddos working hard! It is a closed group, so NO ONE can see anything unless they are added. Search for Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Gilbreath's 3rd Grade class and click join. We also upload our anchor charts (notes that we take in class.) We like to update with school information there too. Just another way to help us stay connected! :) I hope you all enjoy it!

            There are a few things I'd like to make you aware of that are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT:

  • Please sign up to get reminders from me via text message through! Text @e98ke2 to 81010. I will send important dates and information this way.
  • Please be sure to check our newsletter and/or websites for homework.
  • A folder will come home every Tuesday that will contain graded papers as well as important information for you. Please be sure to sign the papers and send them back.
  • The state of MS passed a literacy law that now requires every student in third grade to pass a literacy exam. They will take the test in April and in May. If they still don't pass the exam, they will have an opportunity to take the final assessment in June. If they fail the exam, they will have to repeat third grade regardless of report card grades.

Thank you for all you do for your child! We make a GREAT team! :)                                                                         

                                                        -Mrs. Gilbreath










Nightly Homework:

  • Nightly Skill Sheet unless otherwise noted on newsletter. (It is VERY IMPORTANT that your child become fluent in multiplication and division. Believe me, it will come in handy as they move forward. :) )
  • Please be on the lookout on Tuesdays for graded paper folder. Please sign and return. You may keep anything on the keep at home side. Thanks!